Alabama, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Juanita  19 Feb 1895Alabama, United States I7043
2 ALEXANDER, Joseph  Abt 1876Alabama, United States I11504
3 AVERYT, Milton W.  15 Feb 1906Alabama, United States I7385
4 BAILES, Benjamin Eldridge  10 Nov 1840Alabama, United States I3834
5 BAILES, Lofton Mitchell  24 Jul 1839Alabama, United States I3833
6 BAILES, William  11 Nov 1837Alabama, United States I3832
7 BASKIN, Needham George  Abt 1867Alabama, United States I6864
8 BATES, Lawrence Woodall  24 Dec 1856Alabama, United States I10955
9 BEARD, James Carroll  4 May 1852Alabama, United States I2074
10 BEARDEN, Pliney Franklin  Abt 1854Alabama, United States I11332
11 BLACK, Susan  Abt 1833Alabama, United States I4129
12 BLAYLOCK, Susan  Abt 1860Alabama, United States I1675
13 BRECKINRIDGE, Wallie  Sep 1877Alabama, United States I10873
14 BRITTEN, Emily D  Abt 1840Alabama, United States I11008
15 BROWN, Elbert  Abt 1857Alabama, United States I4982
16 BROYLES, Benjamin F.  Mar 1833Alabama, United States I3811
17 BROYLES, Charles Taliaferro  1866Alabama, United States I8827
18 BROYLES, Dan  Abt 1887Alabama, United States I10797
19 BROYLES, Daniel J  Abt 1849Alabama, United States I3816
20 BROYLES, Elizabeth A  Abt 1837Alabama, United States I3813
21 BROYLES, Frank B.  Abt 1883Alabama, United States I10796
22 BROYLES, George M. D.  6 Aug 1845Alabama, United States I3814
23 BROYLES, George Mitchell  2 Oct 1876Alabama, United States I3779
24 BROYLES, Horace T.  27 Oct 1852Alabama, United States I10803
25 BROYLES, Margaret J.  Abt 1835Alabama, United States I3812
26 BROYLES, Martha A  Abt 1846Alabama, United States I3815
27 BROYLES, Mary C.  Abt 1830Alabama, United States I3810
28 BROYLES, Ragan Linder  17 Jan 1878Alabama, United States I3780
29 BROYLES, Rebecca  1863Alabama, United States I8826
30 BROYLES, Robert W.  Abt 1841Alabama, United States I3796
31 BROYLES, Thomas J.  16 May 1841Alabama, United States I3777
32 BROYLES, Will  Sep 1879Alabama, United States I3781
33 BURDEN, Lelia O.  Dec 1848Alabama, United States I11038
34 BURNETT, Myrt Leander  15 Aug 1875Alabama, United States I2399
35 CABLER, Joseph   I10920
36 CABLER, Lawrence   I10919
37 CAMP, Valentine Oliver  3 Jul 1829Alabama, United States I1803
38 CHERRY, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Alabama, United States I4180
39 CHERRY, Gennie  Abt 1864Alabama, United States I4188
40 CHERRY, Henry  Abt 1832Alabama, United States I4183
41 CHERRY, Jane  Abt 1835Alabama, United States I4182
42 CHERRY, Jarrett W  Abt 1838Alabama, United States I4174
43 CHERRY, John  Abt 1866Alabama, United States I4189
44 CHERRY, John H  Abt 1845Alabama, United States I4177
45 CHERRY, Lee  Abt 1868Alabama, United States I4190
46 CHERRY, Margaret  Abt 1831Alabama, United States I4181
47 CHERRY, Margaret  Abt 1843Alabama, United States I4176
48 CHERRY, Mollie  Abt 1862Alabama, United States I4187
49 CHERRY, Susan  Abt 1841Alabama, United States I4175
50 CHERRY, William  Abt 1839Alabama, United States I4184

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Mary  5 Sep 1822Alabama, United States I3604
2 BROYLES, George  29 Oct 1854Alabama, United States I3735
3 HANSELL, John Walker Jr.  Abt 1866Alabama, United States I13229
4 LAMBERT, Adelbert D.  15 Sep 1987Alabama, United States I2261
5 NANCE, William Thomas  1884Alabama, United States I6439
6 UNKNOWN, Unknown  14 Dec 1894Alabama, United States I6758
7 WHIPPLE, Mildred Ruth  1926Alabama, United States I1390
8 WILDS, Annie Edmunds  12 Jun 2008Alabama, United States I12312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 BROYLES, Benjamin F.  Between 1861 and 1865Alabama, United States I3811
2 BROYLES, Thomas J.  Between 1861 and 1863Alabama, United States I3777


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 DIGMAN, James  12 Sep 1835Alabama, United States I10851


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BRECKINRIDGE / DAVIS  1897Alabama, United States F3168
2 BROYLES / RAGAN  Bef 1876Alabama, United States F1142
3 BROYLES / SHEPHERD  1844Alabama, United States F1134
4 CAMP / UNKNOWN  Abt 1860Alabama, United States F2656
5 CHERRY / UNKNOWN  Bef 1838Alabama, United States F1245
6 CHERRY / UNKNOWN  Bef 1863Alabama, United States F1254
7 COLLINS / UNKNOWN  Bef 1838Alabama, United States F1693
8 HOLLAND / RIGGINS  1846Alabama, United States F205
9 LAMBERT / UNKNOWN  Aft 19 Sep 1933Alabama, United States F3875
10 MATTHEWS / UNKNOWN  Bef 1853Alabama, United States F2028
11 NANCE / HOLLAND  27 Apr 1858Alabama, United States F1848
12 ONDERDONK / UNKNOWN  Abt 1909Alabama, United States F2254
13 ORR / MITCHELL  Mar 1879Alabama, United States F2668
14 PARNELL / LAWHAN  4 Aug 1850Alabama, United States F3735
15 PICKEL / UNKNOWN  Abt 1895Alabama, United States F2666
16 PICKLE / RAY  Bef 1828Alabama, United States F454
17 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1896Alabama, United States F1518
18 RAINER / VANN  Bef 1838Alabama, United States F3172
19 RIGGINS / UNKNOWN  Bef 1824Alabama, United States F1972
20 RIGGINS / UNKNOWN  Bef 1858Alabama, United States F1973
21 RIGGS / UNKNOWN  Abt 1849Alabama, United States F4121
22 ROBERSON / WILLMON  Abt 1865Alabama, United States F2605
23 SALMON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1870Alabama, United States F2147