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John Milton Broyles (1818 - 1845?)

John was one of the sons of Cain and Lucinda Broyles. His marriage to Martha Matilda Richardson is recorded in "Greene Co., TN, Marriages, 1783-1868", by Burgner, Goldene Fillers. Southern Historical Press, 1981. However, there is only one reference in the LDS data base to his death in 1845 at the age 27. I would like to have a better source of information regarding the time and place of John's death.
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Martha Matilda RICHARDSON Broyles (1826 - ??)

We have only scant information of Martha, one of the daughters of Benjamin and Margaret Richardson. Her marriage to John Milton Broyles is recorded in "Greene Co., TN, Marriages, 1783-1868", by Burgner, Goldene Fillers. Southern Historical Press, 1981. However, there is no other information about her. Did she died in 1845 when her husband is said to have died? Or did she survive him and remarry? And if so, whom did she marry? Where did she live after 1845 and where did she die?
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Erasmus R. Broyles (1843 - 1886)

Although we show the ancestors of Erasmus R. Broyles and speculate that his middle name may have been Richardson, his mother' maiden name, we really do not have solid documentation to demonstrate that the Erasmus R. Broyles who lived and died in Texas is the same one that lived in Mississippi in the 1860 Census. There are several questions about Erasmus: 1. Was this the same man? 2. Where was he in 1870? 3. What brought him to Navarro County, Texas? 4. How did he die? Family history says he was murdered.
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Nicholas Bartlett (1642 - 1690)

Looking for any information on Nicholas Bartlett (Bartelott), settled in Kent County, Delaware in 1670's with his wife, Lucy Latimer. They had been married in Canterbury Cathedral (England). He seems to have been a French Huguenot fleeing France, but his wife was English. He obtained a land grant for 800 acres in 1680, which he named "Petty France." It seems he became a prosperous land owner with additional holdings in Delaware (Kent & Sussex Counties.) and into Kent County, Maryland. They had three sons, Thomas, Joseph and John. Nicholas died in Kent County, Maryland, February 1690. While much Bartlett "history" places him in the line of the English "Stopham Bartletts," this French connection brings that into question. I'd like to try and learn more about him and maybe establish such a line or find his real ancestry. Can anyone provide information about this man and his descendents?
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William Pickle (1776 - 1866)

We have a good deal of information about William. His birth is said to have been in South Carolina on October 30, 1776. But this raises the question, "Who were his people?" We have no information about William's parents or the specific place in which he was born.
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Elizabeth WILSON Pickle (1782 - 1869)

Like her husband, William, we know that Elizabeth was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina. But we do not know her parentage.
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Francis Marion "Shanghai" Brown

Again the pressing question is "Who were his people?" His birth date of August 5, 1833 comes from a piece of paper that appears to have been written by his second wife, Ophelia Alice JONES Brown, but this disagrees with the birth year 1808 which is carved on his gravestone. One of his descendants has identified his birthplace as St. Clair County, Alabama, where there were a number of Browns.
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Mary 'Polly' SMITH Chandler Brown

Little is know about Mary. Her birth year and state come from what was recorded in the 1870 census. Her first husband had the surname, Chandler, but we do not know what became of him nor do we know what became of their two children, John and Jane Chandler, after 1860. The source of information about her death is Jackie Brown Gaines in "Pioneer Families of Anderson County (TX) Prior to 1900," ed. Anderson County Genealogical Society, 1984. pp 30-31. There is no information about where she was buried. Her second husband, Francis Marion Brown, was buried on a private plot of land which has a burial marker, but there is no indication that Mary also may have been buried there.
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 Mystery Photos

Unknown "Ingram" Family Members

It is believed that this picture was taken in Rural Shade, Navarro Co., Texas and that it is of some descendants of Washington Ezekiel Ingram. The two young women appear to be sisters as they resemble one another -- both in their features and in their dress. Perhaps the young man is a brother. The elderly man appears to be their grandfather. However, Washington Ezekiel Ingram died in 1880, and the women's clothing suggests that this picture might date from the 1910s.
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