Georgia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALKCOM, Mamie Lavonia  14 Jun 1877Georgia, United States I8984
2 BELL, Frances K.  1825Georgia, United States I12077
3 BROYLES, Todd Templer  17 Aug 1939Georgia, United States I3216
4 CARSWELL, William Edward  30 Apr 1807Georgia, United States I1465
5 CHAMBERS, Grace  17 Nov 1906Georgia, United States I13563
6 CHILSON, Maggie Naomi  30 Apr 1876Georgia, United States I11865
7 FEATHERSTON, John F.  Abt 1818Georgia, United States I12917
8 GAINES, M. P.  Abt 1843Georgia, United States I12874
9 HANSELL, Fanny G.  Abt 1834Georgia, United States I13182
10 HANSELL, William Iverson  28 Jan 1834Georgia, United States I13188
11 HARDISTY, John Thomas Jr.  28 Aug 1918Georgia, United States I12326
12 HERNDON, Elizabeth  Abt 1814Georgia, United States I2130
13 HUCKABA, Georgia  Jul 1890Georgia, United States I12808
14 HUCKABA, James B.  Abt 1846Georgia, United States I12814
15 HUCKABA, Lizzy J.  Jul 1885Georgia, United States I12807
16 HUCKABA, Robert M  Abt 1855Georgia, United States I12812
17 HUCKABA, Thomas S.  Abt 1857Georgia, United States I12813
18 HUCKABA, Wash G.  Abt 1816Georgia, United States I12810
19 HUCKEBA, Luke  Jul 1851Georgia, United States I12806
20 HUDGINS, Daniel  Abt 1864Georgia, United States I13534
21 HUDGINS, Ellen  Abt 1858Georgia, United States I13532
22 HUDGINS, Holder  Abt 1868Georgia, United States I13535
23 HUDGINS, Iverson D.  1826Georgia, United States I13528
24 HUDGINS, James B  Abt 1853Georgia, United States I13530
25 HUDGINS, Marion  Abt 1861Georgia, United States I13533
26 HUDGINS, Mary  Abt 1866Georgia, United States I13527
27 MARTIN, Robert B.  Jun 1874Georgia, United States I12720
28 PICKEL, James  5 Apr 1813Georgia, United States I1574
29 SIMPSON, Bertha  Abt 1912Georgia, United States I13524
30 SIMPSON, Corwin  Abt 1907Georgia, United States I13522
31 SIMPSON, Emma Jeanette  1832Georgia, United States I13529
32 SIMPSON, Glen  Abt 1910Georgia, United States I13523
33 SIMPSON, Mace E.  Abt 1915Georgia, United States I13525
34 SIMPSON, Raymond Calloway Sr.  Nov 1845Georgia, United States I13505
35 SINGLETARY, Thomas Bryon  17 Feb 1870Georgia, United States I11852
36 TODD, Alvin D.  Abt 1902Georgia, United States I13555
37 TODD, Elsie E.  Abt 1907Georgia, United States I13549
38 TODD, Goody  Abt 1904Georgia, United States I13556
39 TODD, Marion N. Sr.  24 Sep 1900Georgia, United States I13554
40 TODD, Mary L.  Abt 1909Georgia, United States I13550
41 TODD, Pearl E.   I13564
42 TODD, Raymond Monroe  1899Georgia, United States I13553
43 TODD, Robert B.  Abt 1914Georgia, United States I13552
44 TODD, Samuel Tribble  Abt 1911Georgia, United States I13551
45 TODD, Thomas Iverson  26 Sep 1874Georgia, United States I13537
46 UNKNOWN, Callie  Abt 1881Georgia, United States I13521
47 UNKNOWN, Fannie E  Nov 1855Georgia, United States I13559
48 UNKNOWN, Jane  Abt 1838Georgia, United States I13487
49 UNKNOWN, Lucinda  Abt 1800Georgia, United States I13019
50 UNKNOWN, Mallie  Abt 1864Georgia, United States I13514

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CHAMBERS, Grace  31 Aug 1993Georgia, United States I13563
2 FOUNTAIN, Margaret  Abt 1852Georgia, United States I12555
3 HANSELL, Julia Styles  15 Jun 1844Georgia, United States I13187
4 HANSELL, Martha E.  11 Dec 1887Georgia, United States I13185
5 HANSELL, William Iverson  11 Nov 1838Georgia, United States I13188
6 MURPHEY, Mary  Aft 13 Jul 1844Georgia, United States I8346
7 NELSON, Edwin Cleo  15 Oct 1951Georgia, United States I13519
8 TODD, Marion N. Sr.  14 Feb 1980Georgia, United States I13554
9 TODD, Raymond Monroe  1949Georgia, United States I13553
10 TODD, Thomas Iverson  20 Feb 1952Georgia, United States I13537
11 WHITEHURST, Eloise Gardner  5 Jul 2003Georgia, United States I13076


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 CANDLER, Milton Anthony  1861–1863Georgia, United States I12282
2 CANDLER, Milton Anthony  1865Georgia, United States I12282
3 CANDLER, Milton Anthony  1868–1872Georgia, United States I12282
4 CANDLER, Milton Anthony  1874–1878Georgia, United States I12282
5 CANDLER, Milton Anthony  1894Georgia, United States I12282


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 HUCKABA / UNKNOWN  Abt 1850Georgia, United States F3857
2 SIMPSON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1904Georgia, United States F4104
3 SIMPSON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1906Georgia, United States F4109
4 TODD / CHAMBERS  Abt 1928Georgia, United States F4118
5 WHITWORTH / UNKNOWN  Abt 1873Georgia, United States F4117