Culpeper County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROYLES, Major Aaron  7 Jun 1767Culpeper County, Virginia I1145
2 BROYLES, Absolum  1788Culpeper County, Virginia I6503
3 BROYLES, Adam  1746Culpeper County, Virginia I3727
4 BROYLES, Anne (Margaret Anne)  28 Oct 1758Culpeper County, Virginia I3597
5 BROYLES, Capt. Moses  1755Culpeper County, Virginia I3592
6 BROYLES, Daniel  27 Nov 1790Culpeper County, Virginia I6504
7 BROYLES, Demilla  1760Culpeper County, Virginia I3595
8 BROYLES, Elizabeth  1787Culpeper County, Virginia I6502
9 BROYLES, Ephraim  17 Feb 1781Culpeper County, Virginia I6501
10 BROYLES, Jacob  17 Feb 1771Culpeper County, Virginia I6496
11 BROYLES, Jemima  16 Jun 1765Culpeper County, Virginia I3598
12 BROYLES, Joshua  1772Culpeper County, Virginia I3593
13 BROYLES, Margaret  25 Nov 1769Culpeper County, Virginia I6495
14 BROYLES, Mary  1748Culpeper County, Virginia I6492
15 BROYLES, Mary  1778Culpeper County, Virginia I6500
16 BROYLES, Mary Ann  23 Jan 1776Culpeper County, Virginia I3596
17 BROYLES, Michael  Jun 1740Culpeper County, Virginia I6014
18 BROYLES, Rosannah  19 Nov 1769Culpeper County, Virginia I7187
19 BROYLES, Zacharias  19 Oct 1768Culpeper County, Virginia I6494
20 CASTLER, Susanna  1719Culpeper County, Virginia I11649
21 HARRISON, Mary  1730Culpeper County, Virginia I4673
22 LONG, Mary Harrison  15 Apr 1754Culpeper County, Virginia I4669
23 NASH, Ezekiel  11 Feb 1776Culpeper County, Virginia I10726
24 NASH, Ira  1774Culpeper County, Virginia I6324
25 NASH, John  6 Jul 1739Culpeper County, Virginia I4668
26 NASH, Reuben  25 Jun 1771Culpeper County, Virginia I10728
27 NASH, William Jr.  1740Culpeper County, Virginia I6322


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BROYLES, Capt. Moses  1803Culpeper County, Virginia I3592
2 BROYLES, John  1785Culpeper County, Virginia I6489
3 FLEISCHMANN, Mary Catherine  1761Culpeper County, Virginia I3665
4 HARDWICK, Elizabeth  1772Culpeper County, Virginia I4671
5 HARRISON, Mary  28 Dec 1809Culpeper County, Virginia I4673
6 LONG, Reuben  29 Dec 1791Culpeper County, Virginia I4672
7 NASH, "Colonel" William  1754Culpeper County, Virginia I4670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 WALKE, Catherine  1762Culpeper County, Virginia I13754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 KLUG, Rev. George Samuel  Apr 1764Culpeper County, Virginia I11648


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BROYLES / BLANKENBAKER  Abt 1765Culpeper County, Virginia F1863
2 BROYLES / CARPENTER  1780Culpeper County, Virginia F1118
3 BROYLES / KLUG  1764Culpeper County, Virginia F1741
4 HOLLAND / BARTON  4 Apr 1783Culpeper County, Virginia F1206
5 LONG / HARRISON  1751Culpeper County, Virginia F1379
6 NASH / LONG  2 Jan 1770Culpeper County, Virginia F1377