Arkansas, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLAYLOCK, Pearl  Apr 1893Arkansas, United States I1821
2 BONNEWELL, Bonnie  24 Feb 1925Arkansas, United States I10028
3 BOWMAN, Albert  Abt 1886Arkansas, United States I4937
4 BROYLES, Lena  Abt 1911Arkansas, United States I2617
5 BYNUM, Dr. Raymond Taylor  14 Aug 1906Arkansas, United States I10554
6 CALAHAN, Zacvanda   I10496
7 CHISHOLM, John Albert  21 Jan 1878Arkansas, United States I8143
8 CRAWFORD, Mary Ann  Jun 1842Arkansas, United States I9836
9 DOBBINS, Amy  Abt 1906Arkansas, United States I2327
10 GARRETT, Alonzo Arthur  8 Jul 1874Arkansas, United States I9406
11 HUDSON, Letha Ann  15 Oct 1860Arkansas, United States I9909
12 LANDES, Onie  16 Dec 1885Arkansas, United States I8144
13 MARSHALL, Carl E  Dec 1889Arkansas, United States I5473
14 MARSHALL, Davis L.  Dec 1891Arkansas, United States I5474
15 MARSHALL, Lee  Abt 1892Arkansas, United States I5464
16 MARSHALL, Sanford L  Aug 1887Arkansas, United States I5472
17 MARTIN, Felicia  Abt 1837Arkansas, United States I12359
18 MAY, James DeWitt Jr.  20 Sep 1902Arkansas, United States I10526
19 MCREE, Flora H.  Abt 1906Arkansas, United States I3037
20 MCSPADEN, Irma  Abt Dec 1909Arkansas, United States I5467
21 MCSPADEN, Joseph F.  Abt 1883Arkansas, United States I5465
22 MCSPADEN, Marie   I5469
23 MCSPADEN, Opal  Abt 1906Arkansas, United States I5466
24 MCSPADEN, Sandford  Abt 1912Arkansas, United States I5468
25 MOATES, Ella  Apr 1875Arkansas, United States I11974
26 OSTER, Norma Jean   I6510
27 OSTER, Robert J   I6509
28 PICKELL, Allie D.  30 Sep 1915Arkansas, United States I1246
29 PICKELL, Elbert Jefferson  24 Mar 1906Arkansas, United States I1210
30 PICKELL, Marion W.  6 Aug 1913Arkansas, United States I1245
31 PICKELL, Thomas D. Sr.  2 Dec 1909Arkansas, United States I1244
32 PICKLE, Betty L   I8632
33 PICKLE, George M  Abt 1908Arkansas, United States I9054
34 PICKLE, William M Jr.  Abt 1906Arkansas, United States I9053
35 PITCHFORD, Willie Marguerite  Abt 1905Arkansas, United States I2300
36 ROBERTS, Martha Emma  20 Dec 1878Arkansas, United States I11863
37 SANDERS, Drucilla  29 Jan 1835Arkansas, United States I6905
38 SIVEWRIGHT, Amy M  Abt 1909Arkansas, United States I5361
39 SMITH, William  Abt 1823Arkansas, United States I7396
40 UNKNOWN, Lillie  Abt 1884Arkansas, United States I10255
41 UNKNOWN, Minty  Abt 1838Arkansas, United States I7515
42 UNKNOWN, Olsa  Abt 1909Arkansas, United States I11981
43 WEEMS, Lula Caroline  22 Nov 1871Arkansas, United States I10591
44 WYLIE, Andrew Jack  Apr 1852Arkansas, United States I11354
45 WYLIE, William  Abt 1833Arkansas, United States I10967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CLABORN, Walter W.  20 Dec 1940Arkansas, United States I2431
2 PICKLE, Ophelia Ellen  6 Jul 1963Arkansas, United States I2430


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 MCSPADEN / MARSHALL  Abt 1903Arkansas, United States F1600
2 PICKLE / PITCHFORD  Abt 1924Arkansas, United States F707