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51 Betty Burrows does not list a burial place for Jacob Pickle. Eileen Gann gives the burial place for Jacob and Winny as Pickle Cemetery. Betty Burrows has Winney's place of burial as the Lewis Cemetery. I think the Pickle and the Lewis Cemeteries are the same place. I really do not know if Jacob is buried there. PICKLE, Jacob (I1614)
52 Betty Burrows list this child as Rhoda I. Pickle ( 6/26/2000). PICKLE, Rhoda I. (I2265)
53 Betty Wiltshire reports that a J.R. Pickle, age 19 was reported in the Descriptive Register for 1864 and 1865. This man was 5' 7" in height with grey eyes, light hair, and fair complexion. The place of birth given was Monroe County, Mississippi and his trade was given as a potter ( Attala County, Mississippi Pioneers). Recently, I leaned that Jacob Lewis Pickle was a potter of some note. Based on what we know about John's year of birth and the similar occupations, it seems that the above is a description of John Pickle ( Green 6/6/2002) PICKLE, John R. (I1641)
54 Born and Died I suppose PICKLE, Girl (I1963)
55 Catherine and George was married by William Bedford (Itawamba County, Mississippi Marriage Book #3 at www. Family (F467)
56 Catherine is thought to be a daughter of Jacob and Catherine Pickle due to a notation in the 1850 Monroe County, Mississippi Census. According to the census taker, Susan was a 22 year old daughter living in the Jacob Pickle household. I found a record of Catherine Pickle marrying William E. Ritter on September 24, 1844. If this is the case William had passed away or ran off. PICKLE, Catherine (I1579)
57 Dave Webb gives Dessie's date of birth as March 19, 1885 (Dave Webb, Webb Settlers, PICKLE, Dessie Leona (I1722)
58 Della and Clarence lived in Pratt City, Jefferson County, Alabama. PICKLE, Susan Idella (I1686)
59 Early Pickle was electrocuted to death in a trolley car accident in Birmingham. PICKLE, William Early (I2137)
60 Elijah was a member of the 2nd Mississippi Calvary Regiment, CSA during the Was Between the States.

In the 1880 Monroe County Census record there is a 27 year old man J.L. Camp listed as a member of the Elijah Pickle household. His occupation is given as hireling.

-- MERGED NOTE ------------
PICKLE, Elijah (I1607)
61 Emma Blaylock may have been named Enna. Her connection with the John Hastens Blaylock Line has not been determined. BLAYLOCK, Emma (I1618)
62 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PICKLE, J. Eugene (I2026)
63 Eugene is listed as a child by Jancie Craft. PICKLE, Eugene (I1745)
64 Florence is believed to be a daughter. This was deduced from a visit to the Crenshaw Cemetery. PICKLE, Florence Inez (I1931)
65 From dates in Jacob Pickle's family bible it has long been inferred that Sinthia died of childbirth complications. Halin T. Pickle, Jacob and Sinthia's last child was born Januray 1, 1877 and Sintha died
Januray 8. The baby did live until October.

Sinthia is buried in the Irvin Cemetery. This cemetery is located about a half mile off of the Gar Irvin Road in Monroe County, Mississippi. Knowledge of her burial comes form Myrtice Ray (personal interviews) and a visit I made in early 1990's. I saw Sinthia's marker on my only visit to the Irvin Cemetery or at least I thought that I did. Through recent communication with researchers that have visited the cemetery in the past few years I have learned of the absence of Sinthia's grave.(GKG Personal Note 12/18/2000) 
IRVIN, Cinthia M. (I1672)
66 Georgia was still living with her mother in 1880. JENKINS, Georgia (I1927)
67 Grafton's marriage to Nelda Malone is inferred from tombstone inscription (Green 12/15/2001) PICKLE, Grafton Clinton (I2465)
68 Greel owned a tavern in the Rosehill section of Birmingham in the 1940's ( Bobbie Green, Interview July 2001). PICKLE, Greel (I2420)
69 Hulda's tombstone has her date of death as August 4, 1954 at age 81. Caluations places her date of birth as 1873.

I have a list of 10 children for this couple. 
PICKLE, Hulda Elizabeth (I2058)
70 I believe that Eva may have married a third time. The reason for this is Eva Mason Lindsey Tate is buried in the Ray-Pickle Cemetery. This Eva was born October 12, 1898 and died November 16, 1989. Buried next to her is H.L. Tate, born August 11, 1896 and died August 15, 1989. PICKLE, Mary Evie (I1731)
71 I believe that Molly is buried at Campground Cemetery in Lamar County, Alabama. In the cemetery there is a M.C. Pickle, wife of N.E. Pickle. This M.C. Pickle was born May 6, 1865 and died January 11, 1918.
There are Gibbs buried in this cemetery.

Also buried near the M.C. Pickle are two sons of "N.E. and M.C. Pickle". One son, Earley Pickle, was born August 31, 1892 and died August 18, 1917. The other son, Elsa Pickle, was born June of 1895 and died September of 189? (could not make out the last number). 
GIBBS, Mary Spencer (I1783)
72 I have a list of 10 children for this couple on file. PICKLE, Lucian (I2056)
73 I have a list of nine children in the file of Wes Pickle-Denise Gregory. PICKLE, Winnie LeVada (I2061)
74 I have a record of Liny being the daughter of Francis Marion Irvin and Srah Ray. However, in my Irvin and Ray files I have never recorded this. She does not show in the 1870 Sanford County Census (Greg Green 1/2/2001) IRVIN, Liny (I1752)
75 I have seen Catherine's maiden name spelled Rodin. In Itawamba County, Mississippi Marriage Book #3 at www., her name is spelled Catharine Rhoden. RODEN, Catherine (I1650)
76 I have seen the name of this child spelled Amorialla. RITTER, Anahevilla (I1884)
77 I have unconfirmed reports that Robert and Sarah may have had anotherchild. Janice Craft has reported that there was another boy named Joseph Pickle. He appears in the 1870 Monroe Census, but not the 1850 Census. She says that Joseph was born in Mississippi in 1849. That would put him between Jerome and Wesely T. Pickle. However, he is not recorded in Jacob Pickle's bible records.

I have two other dates of birth for Robert Pickle. Based on the 1880 census he would have been born in 1803. The 1850 census record places his date of birth as 1801. 
PICKLE, Robert (I1571)
78 I originally had this man named J. Henry Smith. However, I cannot find the actual source of this name. Therefore, I defer to name James Alfred Smith that was supplied by Eddie Lue Stewart. She is a direct descendant. (Green 3/37/2002) SMITH, James Alfred (I1921)
79 In 1790 Census, John Sugg, Sr. was shown in Dobbs County, North Carolina with a household consisting of one male under 16 years of age; two males over 16 years of age and three females. Family (F1620)
80 In 1860, Robert and wife was living next door to his father. Robert had 320.00 of real estate value and a personal value of 150 dollars (1860 Fayette County, Alabama Census, Eastern District, Page 32/376). PICKEL, Robert (I1627)
81 In 1930 Martha was enumerated as the 77 year old widow Luzane Pickle (1930 Monroe County, Mississippi Census ED 48-6, Beat 1 District 6, Sheet 21A). BANDY, Martha Louisana (I1784)
82 In 1930, Reuben, Callie, and two daughters Pearl and Martha were living on the Smithville-Hatley Road. This family was enumerated as in dwelling 409 and as family 423 (1930 Monroe County, Mississippi Census ED 48-6, Beat 1 District 6, Sheet 21A). In this census record, the age at first marriage is given and from this data it appears that they were married in 1902. This date is in conflict with information already in this file. This needs to be examined. (Green 12/31/2002) PICKLE, Reuben Henry (I1785)
83 In a stack of papers,in what appears to be in handwriting of daughter Christine, was a piece of paper in which Myrtice's name was written as Lula AR. Myrtic Pickle (James Wesley and Myrtice Ray Personal Papers). PICKLE, Lula R. Myrtice (I1689)
84 In Family Tree Maker Volume ?, the date of marriage of John Ransom Pickle to Catherine Woods is given as September 14, 1881. PICKLE, John Ranson "Ranse" (I1633)
85 In Rons Spreading Branches (Rons Spreading Branches by Ron Turner, Martha's year of birth is given as 1841. MCDONALD, Martha Ann (I1747)
86 In the 1850 Census of Monroe County, Mississippi, George and Catherine were childless living in the home of Jacob Pickle. PICKLE, George (I1578)
87 In the 1850 Census, a Susan Black was living in the house with Jacob and May Mary. This Susan(17 years old) is thought to be May Mary's sister. BLACK, May Mary (I1638)
88 In the 1850 Fayette County Census for the 15th Division, Janes date of birth is calulated as 1819 and her place of birth is given as Georgia. ( www.usgenweb/Al/Fayette/census/1850/00866.gif). In the 1860 Census, her date of birth is 1813 and place of birth Scouth Carolina (1860 Fayette County, Alabama Census, Eastern District, Page 32/376).

In 1860, an Elizabeth Ward, age 60, was living in the house with Jane and James. The affinity of this North Carolina born Elizabethis not known at this time (1860 Fayette County, Alabama Census, Eastern District, Page 32/376). 
WARD, Jane (I1626)
89 In the 1870 Census of Attalla County, Mississippi, Jacob and three children are living next door to Kizannah Johnson. In the house of Johnson is 89 year old Catherine Pickle. Kizannah, born 1830 in Mississippi is the wife of M.R. Johnson. (Craft Letter, May 1994). The affinity to the Pickle line of this Kizannah is not known at this time.

I have a record of Jacob's place of birth as Tennessee. As of 8/18/2000 I cannot reconfirm this record. 
PICKLE, Jacob Lewis (I1576)
90 In the 1870 Census of Monroe County, his name is spelled Felon. Sharon Malony, in E-mail of 2/17/00, believes that the infants buried in the New Hope Cemetery were twins, due to the arrangement of their graves. Phelen's tombstone states that he was 44 years of age when he died. Calculations based on date of death and age state on the tomb would place his year of birth as 1859. This contradicts the information deduced from the 1880 census. PICKLE, Phelin (I1652)
91 In the 1870 Monroe Census Elviry is known as Elvira. PICKLE, Elvira Elizabeth (I1668)
92 In the 1870 Monroe County Census, George is listed as being 13 years of age (calculated birth would be 1857). In the 1880 Census, he is listed as 21 years of age (calculated date of birth is 1859).

In the New Hope Cemetery, George Dave Pickle is buried within a iron picket fence enclosure. The nameplate on the gate is inscribed with "Dave Pickle". A second grave within the enclosure is of Johnemon Pickle. Johnemon was born July 7, 1910 and died November 20, 1927. It is assumed at this time that Johnemon was a child of George (Greg Green 1/2/2001). 
PICKLE, George David (I1653)
93 In the 1880 Census he is listed as J.B. Pickle. According to James Irvin Dean (E-mail 8/7/2000), his middle name was Bradford.

During his life J.B. Pickle was married four times. The following is the assumed order:
1) Alice L. Irvin
2) Liny (Ling) Irvin December 13, 1886
3) Mahaly Scott March 22, 1889
4) Lizzie Jones Pickle Plunkett
The FTM maker will not order these wives in the correct order without dates for all four marriages.

Myrtice Ray told me that J. B. had two other children: Kerby and Berthie. However she did not know anything about them. She also said that one of J.B.'s brothers was the Amory undertaker.

Linda Martin Knight (E-mails 1/29/2004 and 2/2/2004) confirmed that J. Bradford Pickle had two children: Alice Bertha Pickle and Kirby Pickle. Alice was Linda's grandmother and she married James Bertie Knight of Piedmont, Alabama. She also noted that Kirby had lived and died in Birmingham. However, Linda never said which wife was the mother of these children. 
PICKLE, James Bradford (I1750)
94 In the 1900 Census for the Choctaw Nation, IT, Docks date of birth is given as March of 1883. (Sam Pickle E-mail 6/27/2000) PICKLE, Dock (I2064)
95 In the Evans Cemetery inventory for what is referred to as the Splunge School Ground Cemetery, Troy Alvin is given a date of birth of March 14, 1900 and date of death of June 26, 1909. Personal inspection of this grave reveled that the year of birth was 1909 ( Personal Inventory, Greg Green 11/21/00) PICKLE, Troy Alvin (I2292)
96 Indian Pioneer History Project For Oklahoma
Name: Freeman O. Pickle
Residence: Red Oak, Oklahoma
Date of Birth: January 25, 1906
Place of Birth: Ashland, Indian Territory
Parents: J. R. Pickle and Zelah Vaughn Pickle
Race: White
Questionnaire - page 340

Mr. Pickle's Story:

In 1877, my grandfather came to the old GRIFFITH Stand near present Monroe, Okla. My father was 5 weeks old. They rode the train most of the way and rode the ferry across the Miss. R. They came from Mississippi.

My grandfather, Jerome R. Pickle built one of the first cotton gins in the I. T. at the old Griffith Stand. He used the mule or horse for power, as he (horse) would be driven 'round and round'.

I am familiar with the location of a number of old Indian and family burial grounds in this part of Oklahoma.

I have what I consider to be one of the most interesting and complete collections of Indian relics that I have ever seen.

I, personally, gathered almost every item in this collection from old battlefields (Indian) and camp grounds of Southeastern Oklahoma.

The collection includes arrowheads, spearheads, ornaments, mortars and pestles, tomahawks and a few unidentified articles.

Transcribed and submitted by Peggy Joice Horton March 2002.
PICKLE, Freeman O. (I2505)
97 Indian Pioneer History Project For Oklahoma
Name: J. Robert Pickle
Residence: Red Oak, Oklahoma
Date of Birth: November 22, 1877
Place of Birth: Gat[t]man, Mississippi
Parents: Joseph and Sarah Jane Pickle
Race: White
Questionnaire - page 341

Mr. Pickle's Story:

My parents came to the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, in 1878, from Monroe County, Mississippi.
They came by train to the Arkansas River near Ft. Smith, crossed the River on Ferry boat, then on to I. T. by wagon.Served on Election board in all Elections pertaining to the adoption of the East Half to Statehood.

Transcribed and submitted by Peggy Joice Horton March 2002. 
PICKLE, James Robert (I2432)
98 Information about the children of Elizabeth and James Beard comes from Traci Simon. PICKLE, Elizabeth Jane (I2068)
99 Information for Mary and William McCollum was provided by Fred McCaleb. PICKLE, Mary (I1570)
100 Ira and wife are thought to be buried in the Baker Cemetery near Greenwood Springs, Mississippi (Baker Cemetery Inventory
The tombstone inscriptions are :
Ira B. Baker Dec.14,1803 - Dec.1,1888
Sarah J. Baker Sept.2,1814 - June 21,1890
At this time I have not confirmed the connection of these two Bakers to Nancy, it is only assumned that they are her parents.
BAKER, Ira (I1860)

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