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101 It has been said that John Sugg married Elizabeth Murphrey about 1755. DAR Records Number # 548984 and Number # 548985 both list this marriage date. It has been stated that Elizabeth was the daughter of John (Captain Jack) and Elizabeth Harrison Murphrey. Family (F1620)
102 It is believed by Janice Craft that Elizabeth appears as Betsey in Robert Pickle family the 1850 Monroe County, Mississippi Census. PICKLE, Elizabeth (I1600)
103 It is believed that Sarah and wife lived near Shottsville in Marion County, Alabama. Sarah is identified as Aunt Sallie Pickle in the Myrtice Ray Photo Collection. There is not a birth date for her in the Jacob Pickle bible. However, I have a birth date from another source as September 3, 1853.

Census Information:
1870 Census ~usgenweb/al/marion/census/1870/007b.gif
1880 Census ~usgenweb/al/marion/census/1880/236-12.gif 
PICKLE, Sarah Emma (I1605)
104 It is believed that the the birth of this child must have been complicated. The complications resulted in the death of Sinthia. At this time I believe that Halin is buried in the Irvin Cemetery beside his mother. Once again the source of this burial information is not known and is subject to change with more research. PICKLE, Halin T. (I1688)
105 Jacob Pickle was known as One-eyed Jake Pickle. He was a member of Co. L 24th Mississippi Inf. Regiment during the Civil War. He served in this regiment with his brother, William R. Pickle and his future second father in law John Hastens Blaylock. According to daughter, Myrtice Ray, the One-eyed nickname came form the fact that he was blind in one eye. The blindness was incurred by being poked in the eye by a broken jug. The jug was a whiskey jug that how somehow got broken. While trying to ride a horse or mule and take a drink Jacob inflicted the eye wound upon himself. PICKLE, Jacob (I1599)
106 James and Kizzie are living on the Smithville-Hatley Road in 1930 (1930 Monroe County, Mississippi Census ED 48-6, Beat 1 District 6, Sheet 21A). They are living in Dwelling 411. Jame's mother, Martha Louisa Bandy, is also living with them. Based on information about age of first marriage given in this census it appears that James and Kizzie were married in 1930. PICKLE, James Ira (I1788)
107 James appears in the 1880 Monroe County, Census as being married to a Belzina and being the father of four children. I have seen the name of his wife written as Melzemia in another source. PICKLE, James Hardie (I1768)
108 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PICKLE, James Pascal (I2209)
109 John Franklin may be buried at Old Zion Cemetery in Leake County. The dates of the cemetery inventory does not match the dates given in Vol.5 of the World Family Tree Project. PICKLE, John Franklin (I2187)
110 John Swilly is not listed as a member of the V.O. Camp household in the 1880 Census.

It is thought that John and Easter moved to Thornsburg, Arkansas. 
CAMP, John Swilly (I1807)
111 John Thomas Pickle, wife, and daughter Bertie was lving on the Smithville-Hatley Raod when enumaerated in the 1930 Monroe County Census. They were counted as Family 522 living on an owned farm, Dwelling 408 (1930 Monroe County, Mississippi Census ED 48-6, Beat 1 District 6, Sheet 21A). PICKLE, John Thomas (I1787)
112 Julia does not appear in the 1880 Monroe County Census. PICKLE, Julia (I2165)
113 Lavinia does not appear in the Evans inventory of the Bobby Pickle Cemetery, nor does she appear in my inventory. I do not recall what reference places he in the Bobby Pickle Cemetery. PICKLE, Lavinia C. (I2235)
114 Listed as A.E. Green by Melanie (E-mail 3/18/2000). According to William Linely he has seen this guys name listed as K.E, A.E., and W.E. But he has never seen a complete name. GREEN, W. E. (I1874)
115 Listed by one reseacher as Lenora L. Pickle, born 1870 in Alabama. PICKLE, Etta L. (I1886)
116 Listed by one researcher as Mary Leona Pickle, born 1875. PICKLE, Lena (I1887)
117 Lynn Campbell has Hastens Camp's date of birth as 1859. She also attributes two children to Hastens and Rosa Scott. One child, Ida Myrtha Camp, was born July 5, 188. The other child, Charlie Randolf Dock Camp was born 8/7/1890 and died 10/30/1976.

I have Hastens date of birth as 1877. This presents a problem with the child Ida Camp. 
CAMP, William Hasten (I1813)
118 Madalyn Stanford ( has a date of birth for Maggie as 11/30/1871. PICKLE, Margaret "Maggie" (I1648)
119 Maggie was the first wife of Andrew Carlos Pickle. Vital information about her is lacking. However, her place of birth was determined from the vital information of her children as given in the 1930 Monroe County, Mississippi census. CLARK, Maggie Jane (I2024)
120 Manervia was living in the house of Susan Pickle with Susan's daughter Lula in the 1900 Monroe County Census. Lula was Myrtice Lula Pickle, the only child of the marriage of Jacob Pickle to Susan Blaylock. PICKLE, Manervia (I1685)
121 Martha Jane, daughter of FrancisMorrow , married a Rufus Irvin. However, These two may be the same person, however more information is needed (Green, 7/21/2004).

Martha Jane, daughter of Francis, married a Rufus Irvin. However, I have a record of a Martha Jane Morrow marrying George Danner. These two may be the same person, however more information is needed (Green, 7/21/2004). 
MORROW, Martha Jane (I1856)
122 Martha tomb in Ray-Pickle states that she was born in 1869 and died in 1927 (Personal Inventory of Ray-Pickle Cemetery). Mary Anne Riggan gives her date of birth as November 24, 1870 (Mary Anne Riggan FGS April 1994). PICKLE, Martha Leanna (I1833)
123 Mary obituary in the Marion County News gave her date of birth as October 6, 1831. In the obituary, it was recorded that Mary and A. B. Young had four children: two girls and two boys. Her burial place is described as Hamilton Family Cemetery, 6 Miles North of Detroit Lamar County, Alabama in the obituary. PICKLE, Mary (I1595)
124 Myrtice Pickle said that this couple moved to Oatman, Ohio. She said that they were buried there. PICKLE, Thomas (I1602)
125 Myrtice Ray said that Jerome moved to Oklahoma with Wesly Pickle. She said that Jerome died and was buried there.

PICKLE, Jerome R. (I1604)
126 Nancy's life is marked by a series of marriages apparently due to death of spouse or back luck in her choice of mates. In her life she married a Lee, a Dill, and a Jenkins and had children with each of the men. The fate of Goss Lee is unclear. Some say he ran off and died. However, the Pickles always maintained that he married again and produced another family. At any rate, in 1850 Nancy and Sara Isobel was living in the house with Jacob and Catherine Pickle. Some time in the next four years Nancy married a man named Dill. Apparently Mr. Dill died or ran off by 1864. That year she married William Henry Milton Jenkins. PICKLE, Nancy (I1577)
127 Note a lot is known of Lavinia at this time. We know that she was born in about 1809. She appears in the 1880 Monroe County Census as a widow living with a Lavinia C. Pickle and two granddaughters listed as Mary A. (age 20) and Susan (age 3). This Lavinia C. Pickle is most likely the last child of Lavinia and Henry Pickle. At this time, I feel that is is a relatively safe to assume that Lavinia Ray Pickle was somehow related to David, Richardson, and John H. Ray. How I do not know.

It is interesting to note that Lavinia's place of birth given in the 1850 Census is Alabama. However, in the 1880 Census her place of birth is given as Tennessee and her parent's place of birth is given as Virginia. 
RAY, Lavinia (I1684)
128 Oscar is absent from the family group sheet of Denise Gregory. However, he is listed by Janice Craft. PICKLE, Oscar (I1744)
129 Other researchers have listed Nanny as a Culpepper (Green, 7/02/2004) MOORE, Nannie B (I2207)
130 Q.T. Pickle is buried in a grave marked 1899. It is assumned that she she was born and died in this dame year. PICKLE, Q.T. (I1863)
131 Sam Pickle (E-mail 2/14/2000) has her date of birth as 1847.

Rachel Margaret Towery was the daughter of Edward Towery and Hannah E. Irvin. She moved to the Choctaw Indian Nation from Monroe County, Mississippi. She accompanied her husband Wesley Greenberry Pickle about the year 1880. 
TOWERY, Margaret Rachel (I1743)
132 Samuel Pickle was born in 1848, however his year of birth has been calculated as 1849 from data in the 1880 Monroe County, Mississippi Census.

The estate of Henry Pickle that was sold to W.C. Blaylock on December 10, 1887. Samuel Pickle and wife Susan signed the legal documents as legitimate heirs of Henry Pickle.

The second marriage of Samuel Pickle was to Nancy I. Lockhart. There are two dates for this marriage: September 15, 1878 and September 9, 1878. Nancy was a sister of Susan E. Lockhart.

According to Myrtice Ray, Samuel had a boy named Luther that was married to a Melissa. However, she never knew how Samuel fit into her family. Luther does not appear in the 1880 Monroe County Census listing of Samuel's family.

NOTE: August 31, 2006 received e-mail from Vicki Murphy. She says the child S. A. and the child Delia are the same person: Susan Adelia. At 50 this Susan married Samuel Wesley Underwood. Follow up e-mail June 20, 2007 -- awaiting confirmation and discussion of which wife of Samuel gave birth to Susan. 
PICKLE, Samuel (I1616)
133 Second marriage date to Pamelia Miller: August 31, 1891 Family (F449)
134 Socail Security Death Index has Lonnie date of birth as July 27, 1894. PICKLE, Lonnie (I1729)
135 Squire's tomb states that he died October 10, 1861, aged 17 years, 7 monthes, and 8 days( Personal Inventory of Ray-Pickle Cemetery). This would put this daye of birth in about 1844. PICKLE, Squire (I1623)
136 Susan William ( has April 1848 as a second date for the birth for Greenberry. He is listed as an infant age 1/12 in the 1850 Census. PICKLE, Greenberry (I1625)
137 Susan Williams has Mary Jane listed as Martha Jane Hathcock. She also gives Martha date of birth as July 10, 1850. HATHCOCK, Mary Jane (I1895)
138 The 1850 Census gives place of birth as Alabama. PICKLE, John "Jack" (I1575)
139 The 1870 Census taker, H. Clay Elliot, enumerated John Pickle on July 20, 1870 as being three months old. April is idenified as the birth month (1870 Monroe County Mississippi Census, Smithville PO, page 37). PICKLE, John Robert (I1707)
140 The burial place of this M.M. "Mark" Pickle is not known at this time. I would assume that he is buried at the Bobby Pickle Cemetery because of the fact that Lavinia is buried there. However, they did have a child buried at Wesley's Chapel. PICKLE, Martin Marsillus (I1671)
141 The couple are said to be married by Rev. J.D. Carter near Center Point (Detroit Locals in The Hamilton Times, 2/4/1892, published in The Marion County Tracks, Vol.III, #3, 1984).

In 1920, the family was enumerated as Family 33 in Dwelling 31 on the Greenwood Springs-Detroit Road. The hoome is listed as an owned farm. 
PICKLE, Lucian Joshue (I1831)
142 The date of marriage for David and Francis was not listed in the Jacob Pickle family Bible record.

The list of children for this couple was developed from information from Janice Craft and the 1870 Monroe County, Mississippi Census. In the 1870 Census there is a Mary Pickle, age 22 (b 1848) in this house. I also have a child named Mary listed for this family. I am not sure if these Mary's are one in the same.

According to Bruce and Terry Treadway (E-mail 3/9/2000) David married a Jane Tyrone. Jane and David had one child: Andrew Woody Pickle, born 7/12/1867 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi. He died April 23, 1930 in Bowman, Arkansas and was buried in Keller Chapel Cemetery, Green County, Arkansas.

Woody married Lena Benham (1870-1895) and they had:
Carl Andrew Pickle 3/13/1895 - 7/16/1949.

Woody married Cynthia Elviria Hendrix Hopkins (10/18/1877 in Arkansas - 3/17/1957 in Arkansas)
They had:
1) Clarence Edward Pickle ( 9/25/1899 in Nettleton, Craighead Co., Arkansas - 3/2/1959 in San Pedro, CA.)
Clarence married Minnie Maude Parker on December 4, 1920.

2) Floyd Pickle (11/25/1904 in Nettleton, Arkansas - 1/4/1978). Floyd married Polly Burton

3) Loyd Raymond Pickle, born 1/24/1918 in Nettleton, Arkansas. Loyd married Rudy Simmons. 
PICKLE, David (I1596)
143 The following is a story told to William Linley from Greens and Lanns, and apparently was confirmed by Bo Morris ( William Linely E-mail 3/31/2000). John W. Green was a member of Company I, Monroe Raiders, of the 24th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, CSA. He was wounded in battle and was in a hospital in Kentucky, At some point he left Kentucky and did not report to duty, Instead, John along with two Chaney brothers came home to Monroe County. Sometime after reaching the protection of home, he apparently stole some money form his father-in-law, Henry Pickle. Apparently Henry, or the law caught up with John in Detroit, Lamar County, Alabama and hung him along with the unlucky brothers behind the Detroit post office. William believes that he is buried in the Old Franklin Cemetery near Detroit. GREEN, John Wesley (I1839)
144 The following was found in a inventory of the Wofford Cemetery ( Old Section ), 2002, at Sulligent Community (
Gideon: Woodie Sep. 7, 1888 to Dec. 16, 1957
Gideon: Lena June 19, 1894 to May 13, 1972

The dates would fit in to what is known about this family (Green 3/3/06).
GIDEON, Woodie (I1873)
145 The identification of N.L. Pickle as Nancy and the information of her marriages and children comes from the work of Berenice Nash. In the 1910 Census of Monroe County, Ozema and Lee Nash were living in the household of their grandfather, Samuel Pickle. In the 1920, Ozema was still living with her grandfather. An aunt named Susan A. Pickle was listed also listed in the 1920. Berenice knew that Ozema's mother was a Nancy Pickle, so she deduced that Nancy was the N.L. Pickle listed in Samuels 1880 household (E-mail from Berenice Nash 7/05/2001). PICKLE, N. L. "Nancy" (I2116)
146 The marriage of Grafton Pickle to Grace Rebecca Cain is inferred from tombstone inscription (Green 12/14/2001) PICKLE, Grafton Clinton (I1864)
147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. PICKLE, Jessie Loventress (I2308)
148 The Robert S. Scott family is detailed in an allied family Word file. SCOTT, Mahaley Caling (I1753)
149 The speeling of Serelder's name probably comes from a census record. Her name is spelled Swielder on her tombstone, according to the New Prospect Cemetery Inventory by David Howell. ( Green 12/15/2001) NASH, Serelder (I1862)
150 There is a five year discrepancy in my date of birth for Kizzie and the date of birth calculated from the census record. In the 1930 Census, her year of birth would be 1897. (Green 12/31/2002) HIGGINS, Emily Kizzie (I1989)

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