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Tennessee, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Nancy Ann  25 May 1814Tennessee, United States I8708
2 ADAMSON, Cynthia J.  Abt 1839Tennessee, United States I10425
3 ADAMSON, Matilda Frances  5 Oct 1839Tennessee, United States I10426
4 AIRHEART, Alexander  Abt 1835Tennessee, United States I9388
5 AIRHEART, James  Abt 1839Tennessee, United States I9390
6 AIRHEART, Moses  Abt 1837Tennessee, United States I9389
7 AIRHEART, Nancy J  29 Mar 1856Tennessee, United States I9384
8 AVRIETT, Lt. James  19 Oct 1824Tennessee, United States I884
9 BAKER, Mary S.  May 1873Tennessee, United States I11496
10 BAKER, Robert M.  Abt 1875Tennessee, United States I11501
11 BARTLETT, Martha  1786Tennessee, United States I5512
12 BARTLETT, Martin Solomon  3 Dec 1802Tennessee, United States I8715
13 BARTLETT, Nicholas  22 Mar 1807Tennessee, United States I8717
14 BARTLETT, Rachel  Abt 1790Tennessee, United States I5506
15 BELL, John Wesley  Tennessee, United States I11419
16 BLOUNT, Nita  26 Jul 1900Tennessee, United States I10845
17 BOREN, William  11 Aug 1802Tennessee, United States I9852
18 BOWDEN, Nancy  Abt 1844Tennessee, United States I5699
19 BROWN, Elizabeth  21 May 1783Tennessee, United States I3600
20 BROWN, Dr. George Reese  18 Mar 1800Tennessee, United States I4648
21 BROWN, Hugh  8 Aug 1787Tennessee, United States I3602
22 BROWN, William  21 May 1785Tennessee, United States I3601
23 BROYLES, Elizabeth  Abt 1805Tennessee, United States I11695
24 BROYLES, Emerson  26 Apr 1892Tennessee, United States I11127
25 BROYLES, Erasmus R.  23 Aug 1843Tennessee, United States I26
26 BROYLES, George  1 Oct 1810Tennessee, United States I11652
27 BROYLES, Hannah  1818Tennessee, United States I11698
28 BROYLES, Dr. Ira Green  1816Tennessee, United States I5710
29 BROYLES, John  Abt 1853Tennessee, United States I11728
30 BROYLES, Lewis M.C.  Abt 1866Tennessee, United States I11743
31 BROYLES, Male child  Abt 1817Tennessee, United States I11697
32 BROYLES, Nancy Jane  Abt 1838Tennessee, United States I11656
33 BROYLES, Peter  Abt 1864Tennessee, United States I11742
34 BROYLES, Rhoda  Abt 1862Tennessee, United States I11741
35 BROYLES, Sarah C.  Abt 1855Tennessee, United States I11729
36 BROYLES, Timothy Sullen  Nov 1845Tennessee, United States I11658
37 BROYLES, William  1822Tennessee, United States I11705
38 BROYLES, William  Abt 1836Tennessee, United States I11655
39 BUCKHAM, George  Abt 1894Tennessee, United States I914
40 CALLAGHAN, Florence  Dec 1859Tennessee, United States I8103
41 CAUGHRAN, Lillian May  Abt 1884Tennessee, United States I9407
42 CHEAIRS, Jane Seawell   I8141
43 CHERRY, Jared W.  26 May 1796Tennessee, United States I624
44 COLDWELL, Jane  Tennessee, United States I11271
45 CRAIGMILES, William H.  11 Sep 1811Tennessee, United States I11451
46 DAVIDSON, William M  Tennessee, United States I11270
47 DAVIS, Martha E.  28 May 1851Tennessee, United States I12697
48 DEPRIEST, William Orson  15 Oct 1881Tennessee, United States I3424
49 DEUPREE, Allie Bush  28 Apr 1872Tennessee, United States I1208
50 DEUPREE, Emma L.  Abt 1879Tennessee, United States I7909

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Elizabeth  Tennessee, United States I3600
2 BROYLES, Male child  Abt 1817Tennessee, United States I11697
3 BROYLES, Susanna  1855Tennessee, United States I11676
4 HANCOCK, Lewis R.  Abt 1852Tennessee, United States I10374
5 KEITH, Ella Wilkinson  8 Mar 1928Tennessee, United States I8797
6 MASSIE, John  Abt 1802Tennessee, United States I11677
7 VANWICK, Dr. Samuel Maverick  30 Nov 1861Tennessee, United States I8554
8 WATKINS, Joseph  2 Sep 1862Tennessee, United States I3644


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HENDERSON, Haseltine Helen  Abt 1850Tennessee, United States I4709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 BROYLES, Edwin Alexander  Abt 1861Tennessee, United States I7197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 DICKSON, Catherine Douglas  1861–1865Tennessee, United States I8809
2 KINGSLEY, Joseph Chester  Between 1900 and 1908Tennessee, United States I7626


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMSON / HANCOCK  Bef 1839Tennessee, United States F3001
2 AIRHEART / LEE  1853Tennessee, United States F2691
3 ARNOLD / ROSE  Abt 1830Tennessee, United States F1808
4 BROYLES / DOUGLAS  Bef 1836Tennessee, United States F3456
5 BROYLES / EMERSON  Abt 1864Tennessee, United States F3256
6 BROYLES / UNKNOWN  1886Tennessee, United States F3259
7 CHAMBERS / DEBOW  30 Jun 1836Tennessee, United States F2610
8 HUDDLESTON / UNKNOWN  Abt 1823Tennessee, United States F1395
9 JONES / RAINER  1810Tennessee, United States F3154
10 KEATHLEY / WOODSON  Abt 1911Tennessee, United States F378
11 KINGSLEY / UNKNOWN  Abt 1894Tennessee, United States F2192
12 KINGSLEY / UNKNOWN  Abt 1908Tennessee, United States F2193
13 MCCLELLAN / UNKNOWN  Bef 1856Tennessee, United States F970
14 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1871Tennessee, United States F3424
15 POUDER / BROYLES  Abt 1909Tennessee, United States F2543
16 RAINER / PRATER  1838Tennessee, United States F3177
17 SHARP / MAXWELL  Bef 1829Tennessee, United States F2115
18 SHARP / RULE  Abt 1866Tennessee, United States F2112
19 SHARP / TOOLE  Abt 1922Tennessee, United States F2116
20 WILLIAMS / DICKSON  Abt 1826Tennessee, United States F2531

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