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Mississippi, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Maggie Jane  Mississippi, United States I2024
2 BLACK, Penelope Rebecca  4 Sep 1811Mississippi, United States I10574
3 COATES, Wylie Burton  Abt 1820Mississippi, United States I2834
4 MOORING, Catherine  Abt 1826Mississippi, United States I11905
5 UNKNOWN, Adaline  Abt 1827Mississippi, United States I7397
6 NOBLE, William Pittman  Abt 1831Mississippi, United States I2879
7 UNKNOWN, Mary  Abt 1831Mississippi, United States I7549
8 DRUMMONDS, William  Abt 1832Mississippi, United States I7548
9 DRUMMONDS, Nancy  Abt 1834Mississippi, United States I7556
10 BELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1835Mississippi, United States I1348
11 DRUMMONDS, Seaborn  Abt 1835Mississippi, United States I7557
12 EMMONS, Anguish G.  Abt 1835Mississippi, United States I11900
13 SESSIONS, Joseph B. H.  Abt 1835Mississippi, United States I6910
14 DRUMMONDS, Margaret  Abt 1836Mississippi, United States I7562
15 TOWERY, George W  Abt 1836Mississippi, United States I7415
16 UNKNOWN, Susan Mattisa  Abt 1836Mississippi, United States I9551
17 WESTBROOK, George Washington  Abt 1836Mississippi, United States I6947
18 HANKS, Susan Elizabeth  Abt 1837Mississippi, United States I5901
19 UNKNOWN, Martha A. J.  Abt 1837Mississippi, United States I7565
20 QUARLES, John James  Abt 1838Mississippi, United States I11037
21 WESTBROOK, James H.  Abt 1838Mississippi, United States I6948
22 UNKNOWN, Nancy  Feb 1838Mississippi, United States I4138
23 DILL, Amanda V.  1839Mississippi, United States I2090
24 PICKLE, John R.  Abt 1839Mississippi, United States I1621
25 WESTBROOK, William N  Abt 1839Mississippi, United States I6942
26 BARRON, Catherine  Abt 1840Mississippi, United States I9575
27 DRUMMONDS, John R.  Abt 1841Mississippi, United States I7559
28 EMMONS, Jackson  Abt 1841Mississippi, United States I11901
29 PICKLE, Mary Clementine  Sep 1841Mississippi, United States I1622
30 WILLIS, Elizabeth S.  18 Nov 1841Mississippi, United States I1289
31 PICKLE, Henry K.  Abt 1843Mississippi, United States I1613
32 DRUMMONDS, James A.  Abt 1844Mississippi, United States I7560
33 EMMONS, Mary M  Abt 1844Mississippi, United States I11902
34 PICKLE, Squire  Abt 1844Mississippi, United States I1623
35 WESTBROOK, Mary E.  Abt 1844Mississippi, United States I6949
36 LEECH, Keturah  13 Aug 1844Mississippi, United States I1302
37 LEECH, Missouri  13 Aug 1844Mississippi, United States I10991
38 IRVIN, Cinthia M.  Abt 1845Mississippi, United States I1672
39 IRVIN, Mary Elizabeth  1845Mississippi, United States I1703
40 PICKLE, James D.  1845Mississippi, United States I1637
41 PICKLE, John R.  Abt 1845Mississippi, United States I1641
42 UNKNOWN, Sophronia  Abt 1845Mississippi, United States I4154
43 WHITE, Mary J.  Abt 1845Mississippi, United States I2814
44 PICKLE, Thomas  16 Oct 1845Mississippi, United States I1602
45 RAINER, Mary  Abt 1846Mississippi, United States I10950
46 RITTER, Susan E.  Abt 1846Mississippi, United States I1657
47 CROCKER, Thomas Clarke  Abt 1847Mississippi, United States I10828
48 MCDONNEL, Theodore  Abt 1847Mississippi, United States I8436
49 RAINER, Setha or Agetha  Abt 1847Mississippi, United States I10951
50 RIGGS, Thomas  Abt 1847Mississippi, United States I5482

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Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 PICKLE, George Washington  24 Jul 1868Mississippi, United States I1642
2 CAMP, Isabella  1870Mississippi, United States I1811
3 RITTER, William A.  1871Mississippi, United States I1766
4 BLAYLOCK, Emma  6 Oct 1881Mississippi, United States I1618
5 LOCKHART, Daniel  8 Jun 1897Mississippi, United States I2030
6 PICKLE, Jacob  11 Dec 1899Mississippi, United States I1599
7 RAINER, Charles F  26 Jan 1901Mississippi, United States I10884
8 RODEN, Catherine  1908Mississippi, United States I1650
9 PICKLE, Susan  22 Apr 1908Mississippi, United States I1611
10 SPROLES, Henry Franklin Jr.  17 Mar 1921Mississippi, United States I1198
11 NASH, Mary R  4 Nov 1922Mississippi, United States I10996
12 PICKLE, Jacob Lewis  8 May 1930Mississippi, United States I1645
13 CARLISLE, Lily Jane  7 Jan 1936Mississippi, United States I2468
14 PICKLE, Ruth Ann S. F.  Aug 1947Mississippi, United States I749
15 PICKLE, Joseph Allen  14 Mar 1983Mississippi, United States I9281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PICKLE, Ausie  Jun 1887Mississippi, United States I1844
2 PICKLE, Minnie  1905Mississippi, United States I1959


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 PICKLE, William R.  Abt 1863Mississippi, United States I2142


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 PICKLE, Sarah H  2 Jun 1900Mississippi, United States I5140


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EMMONS / MOORING  Aft Jan 1851Mississippi, United States F3547
2 LACY / UNKNOWN  Abt 1855Mississippi, United States F2741
3 GLAZIER / UNKNOWN  Bef 1858Mississippi, United States F2739
4 DRUMMONDS / UNKNOWN  Bef 1864Mississippi, United States F2170
5 RICHARDSON / BARRON  6 Feb 1864Mississippi, United States F2744
6 DULIN / LEECH  Abt 1865Mississippi, United States F3201
7 MCDONNEL / WELBORN  Bef 1872Mississippi, United States F2417
8 PICKLE / BALDWIN  Bef 1873Mississippi, United States F521
9 CRECELIUS / UNKNOWN  Bef 1874Mississippi, United States F1400
10 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1874Mississippi, United States F1236
11 CAMP / SOUTH  Bef 1879Mississippi, United States F530
12 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1881Mississippi, United States F1233
13 CAGLE / CAGLE  Aft 1883Mississippi, United States F366
14 BAKER / SPIKES  Bef 1886Mississippi, United States F3082
15 BROYLES / LANN  Abt 1890Mississippi, United States F362
16 CROCKER / PENNY  Abt 1894Mississippi, United States F1835
17 BEARD / LEWIS  Abt 1895Mississippi, United States F639
18 BROYLES / BOOTH  Abt 1895Mississippi, United States F359
19 CRAFTON / CAGLE  Abt 1895Mississippi, United States F355
20 HIGHT / UNKNOWN  Abt 1895Mississippi, United States F2743
21 LEACH / LANN  Abt 1896Mississippi, United States F363
22 PROVINE / SPROLES  Abt 1896Mississippi, United States F2314
23 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1898Mississippi, United States F1235
24 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1898Mississippi, United States F1237
25 LAKE / UNKNOWN  Bef 1900Mississippi, United States F2489
26 BROYLES / PANKEY  1902Mississippi, United States F3385
27 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1904Mississippi, United States F724
28 BROYLES / STOCKWELL  Abt 1906Mississippi, United States F361
29 MICHENER / STINSON  Abt 1906Mississippi, United States F3682
30 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  Abt 1908Mississippi, United States F1521
31 MICHENER / WYLIE  Abt 1921Mississippi, United States F3681
32 PICKLE / MOORE  Abt 1922Mississippi, United States F678
33 PICKLE / UNKNOWN  1954Mississippi, United States F2662

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