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According to Andy Bush (7/10/2000) Maggie died and Carlos married Minnie Higgins. Only two of Carlos and Maggie children were alive when Carlos married Minnie. The marriage of Carlos and Minnie yielded either 9 children (Argersinger History of Lamar County, Alabama page 333) or ten children ( A. Bush 7/10/2000).

Another researcher Bernice Evans Thomas ( The Evans Family - The Heritage of Lamar County, Alabama page 284) indicates that Carlos may have married a third time. She recorded that Carlos married Emmie Evans. Emmie, born in bout 1902, was a daughter of Tom Evans and Adelia Beatrice Enlow Graham.

In 1930, Carlos,Minnie, Herman, Maudine, Carlos Junior, Greely, and Jesse Loventress were living on the Smithville-Hatley Road. The family was enumerated as Household 412 and family 426. According to this record they were living on a rented farm. 
PICKLE, Andrew Carlos (I1794)

According to Bo Morris, James Starling and Zula lived in a large dogtrot house that was situated about a half a mile west of the Blaylock Cemetery.

CAMP, James Starling (I1724)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BROYLES, Norris Arnold Jr. (I2599)

Buried at Smith's Chapel Methodist Church, Fork Township, Anderson County, SC
Was a medical doctor, but never practiced in SC
Built Broyles Mill a grits mill on Little Beaverdam Creek in Anderson County, SC. The site is now under the waters of Lake Hartwell.
Original grave stone inscription reads: Sacred to the memory of Dr. William Lowndes Broyles, Died June 14, 1877, Aged 50 Years & 6 Mos., Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.


Broyles/Briles Database
by Steve Broyles (John, Jacob, Michael, Aaron, Aaron, Jeremiah, Walter, Morris)

20 July 1996

Please read this page carefully. It contains important information about the data you'll be looking at!
About My Database
The database contains records on about 6800 individuals in the Broyles/Briles family. It was created primarily from information in John Kenneth "Ken" Broyles's Broyles Family Ties and Broyles Family Newsletter, which in turn are based on A.L. Keith's "Broyles Family" typescript and Ken's own correspondence. I augmented this by A.L. Keith's articles in the William and Mary Quarterly, Max Briles's work, my own fairly substantial census and county record research, and my own correspondence. I also verified Cerny and Zimmerman's work in the German records and corrected and extended their information, the results of which are included here. This set of data is about 25 years in the making and there are many times I think it's about 3% done!

Generation 6, Keith #1046 U.S. Census Records
Year Name Loc Age BP Occ Roll E.D. Page
1850 Broyles, William TN, Greene 24 TN Student of Med. 880 232 
BROYLES, William Lowndes (I1137)

Buried at Smith's Chapel Methodist Church, Fork Township, Anderson County, SC 
ROUTH, Mary Adeline (I1153)
PICKLE, George Dow (I1758)
Estate of Mary Howard
Transcribed by Paula McMeans Scales from copies of original documents received from:
SC Dept. of Archives and History-Columbia, SC
Union County Probate
Box 25 Pkg.9
Frames 249-268
Roll # C2571 
1) Will of Mary Howard dated January 9, 1839
2) Will Recorded and Proven January 31, 1839
3) Order for Sale February 7, 1839
4) Warrant of Appraisement and Appraisal Bill February 23, 1839
5) Inventory and Sale Bill June 29, 1840
6) Claims against the Estate September 11, 1840
7) Calculation and Settlement September 11, 1840
 NOTE: Jason or Aaron Howard (or both?) The copies I received included a typed transcription of the Will that clearly names Aaron Howard and Aaron Clemmons Howard as heirs. The hand written copy could be either Aaron or Jason. There is a later mention of the estate of A. Howard, however in the final settlement the name is clearly written as Jason Howard. I am hoping someone is familiar with the family and will be able to clear up the confusion. Paula
Will of Mary Howard, South Carolina, Union District 
I Mary Howard of the State and District aforesaid being of sound and disposing mind but of weak body do make this my last will and testament in the name of God Amen.
First it is my wish that all my just debts be paid with my funeral expenses. Next it is my wish that all my property whether real or personal be divided between my beloved children Clara Little her heirs and Sarah Nix and her heirs with the daughters and son of my beloved son Aaron Howard, May, Sarah and Aaron Clemmons. Except Ten Dollars I give and bequeath to my daughter Dicey Rogers and Ten Dollars I give and bequeath to my grandchildren sons and daughters of Clemmons Howard my property consisting of one tract of land near Union Court House containing one hundred and eighty acres more or less, together with five Negroes Milley, Sinder, Harvey, Bill and Dianna; and I nominate and appoint William Crenshaw of State and District my Executor to this my will and testament in witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this Ninth day of January 1839. 
Mary X (her mark) Howard
Signed and Sealed in presence of
William B. Murphy, Jason Greer, Holly X (her mark) Sparks

The Last Will of Mary Howard, South Carolina, Union District 
 By J.J. Pratt ordy. Of said District personally appeared before me Jason Greer esq. Who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God doth make oath and say that he saw Mary Howard sign, seal, publish, pronounce and declare this same to be her last will and testament that she the said Mary Howard was then of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of this deposents (?) knowledge and belief-and that he the said Jason Greer Esq together with Wm. B. Murphy & Holly Sparks did sign their names thereto as witnesses at the request of the testatrix in her presence and in the presence of each other.
Given under my hand this 31st day of Jan. 1839
J.J.Pratt ordy.
Qualified Wm. Crenshaw exec. To the same
February 7th 1839 

Order for Sale
SOUTH CAROLINA, Union District
BY J.J. Pratt Esq.Ordinary for the District aforesaid
Whereas Wm. T. Crenshaw Exec. Of the Goods and Chattels of Mary Howard, deceased, hath petitioned the Court for liberty to sell the personal property of said estate; and it appearing proper, upon due investigation, to grant the prayer of the said petition:
These are therefore to permit and empower the said Wm. T. Crenshaw Executor, to expose to sale at public out-cry, the property of said estate, which may have come into his hands to the highest bidder on a credit of twelve months for all sums above two dollars, taking bond with sufficient security; for two dollars and all sums under, cash on delivery, fifteen days previous notice to be given, by public advertisement, and a return of the proceedings of said sale to be by him made to the Ordinary's Office aforesaid, within the time prescribed by law.
Given under my hand and seal, this seventh day of February Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine and of the American Independence the sixty third. 
J.J. Pratt (seal) O.U.D. 

Warrant of Appraisement
SOUTH CAROLINA, Union District
By, J.J. Pratt Ordinary of said district.
These are to authorize and empower you or any three or four of you, whose names are here under-written, to repair to all such parts and places within this State, as you shall be directed by Wm. T. Crenshaw Exec. Of the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of Mary Howard late of the said district, deceased, wheresoever any of the Goods and Chattels are, or do-remain within the said parts and places, and which shall be shewn unto you by the said Wm. T. Crenshaw. And there view and appraise all and every the said Goods, and Chattels, being first duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, to make a true and perfect inventory and appraisement thereof, and to cause the same to be returned under your hands, or any three or four of you unto the said Wm. T. Crenshaw on or before the seventh day of April next. 
Witness J.J. Pratt Esquire, Ordinary of the said district. The seventh day of February in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine and in the sixty third year of American Independence. 
To Messrs. Wm. Gregory, J.C. Kitchens, Jason Greer & Wm. B. Murphy
Memorandum That on the twenty third day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine personally appeared before me, J. Greer, one of the Justices assigned to keep the peace in the District aforesaid Wm. Gregory, J.C. Kitchens, Jason Greer and Wm. B. Murphy being four of the appraisers appointed to appraise the Goods and Chattels of Mary Howard late of the said district, deceased who, being duly sworn, made oath that they would make a just and true appraisement of all and singular the Goods and Chattels of the said Mary Howard deceased as shall be produced by Wm. Crenshaw Executor of the estate of the said deceased and that they would return the same under their hands unto the said Wm. Crenshaw on or before the Seventh day of April next. Wm. Gregory
Sworn the day and year above)
Written before me)
Jason Greer JP
Appraisal Bill of the property of Mary Howard deceased. February 23, 1839
One Negro Women Cinder & child Dianna $950.00
One Bay Filly 11.00
One Rone Horse 50.00
One jug, fire dogs, 2 pots, skillet, bed, and chairs 5.00
One bureau 6.00
One table 2.50
One pine cupboard 10.00
Half doz. Stool chairs 10.00
One Spinning Wheel .50
One bed and furniture 12.00
One Side Saddle 8.00
1 can noggin(?) & coffee mill .75
1 Negro Woman Milly 300.00
The Sale Bill for the above inventory is barely legible. It is dated June 29, 1840. Most of the goods were purchased by Clara Little, Sarah Nix, J. Kitchens, and W.B. Murphy. The total amount of the sale appears to be $1,533.62 1/2., and is certified by Wm. Crenshaw. 
Inventory of debts due the Estate of Mary Howard deceased, so far as have come into my hands. Two proven accounts against the Estate of Clemons Howard deceased one amounting to $136.00. One for property in Clemons Howard possession, no amount verified. I consider both as doubtful.
June 29, 1840 William Crenshaw Executor 
Calculation and settlement of the Estate of Mrs. Mary Howard deceased present Wm. Crenshaw exec. And Mrs. Clara Little-
 To Amount of Sale Bill due 25th Feb 1840= $1533.62 _
 Rent of the land for the year 1839}
The rent of land belongs to A. Howard Estate}
Deduct amount of claims rendered against the
Estate for return filed this day------------------} $142.92
Deduct (illegible) on 1533.62}
Receiving and paying amt. (illegible) 76.68
Deduct ordinary's fees in all 13.00
Deduct for shares Legatees to Mrs.}
Rogers and the children of Clem.Howard } 20.00
Deduct for William Bailey for coffin 6.00
Supposed $1275.02
Bal. For Mrs. Clara Little, Mrs. Sally Nix} $425.00
& the children of Jason Howard deceased}
One third part for each Legatee; being three
In number, the children of Jason Howard taking their share
Being one third Four hundred and twenty five dollars as above
Stated; due 25th February 1840
Sept. 11th 1840
J.J. Pratt
An Inventory of claims against the Estate of Mrs. Mary Howard deceased as rendered unto Wm. Crenshaw for payment
Sept. 11, 1840
Dr. C Young & Davis medical Bill 24.75
Dr. J. H. Dugan " " 10.50
Wm. T. Crenshaw " " 18.50
George Rogers & John Rogers acct. 9.50
Marshall Barnett acct. 50.00
E.J. Adickes(?) the note from 1 Jany 1838 18.27
Int. 2 yr. 8 mo. 3.00
J.J. Pratt note and interest from 1 Jany 1838 5.25
J.J. Pratt Book acct. 2.00
E.E. $142.92 
Besides there is a claim rendered by H.H. Holcomb exec. Of the Estate of C. Howard deceased, which is objected to by the legatees of Mrs. Mary Howard; not taken into the settlement of her Estate but is left for further investigation.
In the court of ordinary Sept. 11th 1840
Personally appeared Wm. Crenshaw exec. And made oath that the above account of claims against Mrs. Mary Howard is just and true.
J.J. Pratt
JOLLY, Mary (I4518)
On Sunday April 6, 1862 at 5:30 am the Battle of Shiloh began when a Federal recon patrol, sent out by U.S.A. Col Everett Peabody encountered Confederate skirmishers of the advance of C.S.A. Gen. Hardee's brigade. By 9:00am the Federals abandoned their camps to the charging Confederates and formed a line in a sunken road and thicket that became known as "The Hornet's Nest" there they held the Confederates at a standstill for almost 12 hours till the were forced to surrender. By that time Federal Gen. U.S. Grant had established a new line of Defence on Pittsburg Landing, and awaited Gen. Buell's Army of the Ohio to cross the Tennessee River.

Early on the Monday morning of Apr. 7, 1862 Buell's Army did cross the river and take up position on the Federal left flank. Now with superior numbers the Federal counter attack forced the Confederates to give up ground they had won at such a great cost the day before. at 2:30 pm that afternoon the Confederates retreated to Corinth, Mississippi leaving the Federals in command of the battlefield.

On Tuesday April 8, 1862, the Federal army set about burying the dead. The Federal soldiers who died were buried in common battlefield graves till they were re-interred in the Shiloh National Cemetery in 1866. The Confederates who died were buried in 5 mass burial trenches in Shiloh Park, the largest of the trenches contain over 700 CSA soldiers. 
RICHARDSON, George Washington (I1280)
9 According to the Stuckey family history, this marriage was not approved of by the brides family, and thus contact with the Stuckey family was cut off after the marriage. Ironically, after losing wedding gift of 40 acres from her father, they moved to Detroit, Alabama. Later , according to the 1910 Census, they lived in Ackerman, Choctaw County, Mississippi. Apparently they lived out the last years of their life in Gattman, Mississippi. Francis died August 20, 1926 and was buried in Gattmann. John Robert's date of death and burial place is not known. Through my research I have encounter several discrepancies on the dates of birth and names of the children of this couple. There is also some problems with census records and records of other researchers in the matter of the ages of John Robert and Francis. It should be noted for future reference, that Elenore Cochran believes that two of the daughters married, one to a Pope and one to a Blaylock. PICKLE, John R. (I1621)
10 Dick Pickle lived in the Sipsey Fork area and appears to have been a little more prosperous than his kin. According to Myrtice Ray, her Uncle Dick had owned slaves and she also said that the slaves were buried in the back of the Pickle Cemetery beyond the present day fence. During the War Between the State, Dick Pickle served in the Second Mississippi Calvary Regiment. PICKLE, John Hornsbick "Dick" (I1610)
11 Greenberry's date of death or final resting place is not known. However, it is assumed to be the Ray-Pickle Cemetery. The 1850 Census of Monroe County lists Greenberry and Enna along with seven children and In this census he is credited with a farm that was worth 140 dollars. PICKLE, Greenberry (I1573)
12 In the 1880 Census of Monroe Country, Mississippi Andrew was a 21 years old and living in the home of his parents. He married a woman named Mary and they had three children. PICKLE, Andrew Jackson (I1772)
13 In the 1900 Census of Leflore County, Oklahoma. Martha Thirlkill was also living in the house of William Ritter. William may be the son of Catherine Pickle and Martin Ritter. PICKLE, Martha J. (I1597)
14 The 1850 Monroe County, Mississippi Census gives her date of birth as 1827. The 1825 date comes from the family bible of Jacob Pickle. According to Myrtice Ray, Catherine and Martin migrated to the Indian Territory. In the 1900 Census of Leflore County, Oklahoma, Catherine was living in the house of William Ritter. Martha Thirlkill , believed to be a sister, was also living in this household. Myrtice Ray remembered Cass as an old woman that smoked dried fig leaves.

Mildred Tatum gives the place of Catherine and Martin's burial as Monroe Cemetery (FGS of Martin E. Ritter, Mildred Tatum 8/30/2001). 
PICKLE, Catherine (I1592)
15 There was a note in the Hamilton News Press for April 11, 1895 about their marriage. Apparently George and Gloe got up after church services at Wesleys Chapel in Detroit, Alabama and went out he door together and eloped. Family: PICKLE, George Dow / WILLIAMS, Gloe Eunic (F494)
16 A John Nash Pickle is buried at New Prospect Cemetery in Lackey, Monroe County, Mississippi. His date of birth is October 30, 1905 and date of death is July 27, 1972. He is buried in close proximity to A Daniel Walton Pickle and Swielder Nash Pickle.

At this time, I assume that this John is the John Neely Nash Pickle listed as a child of Daniel Walton Pickle. However, this has not be confirmed. (Green 12/15/2001) 
PICKLE, John Neely Nash (I1866)
17 A second date of death for Ellen was 192.

It was reported that Ellen and John lived in the Bethlehem, Mississippi and raised several children, including a set of triplets. 
PICKLE, Ellen (I1776)
18 According to Dale Bandy (The Bandy Family in Early America - Dale Bandy, Rosie was the daughter of Samuel Bandy and Dellila Blake. Samule was born February 29, 1848 in Smithville, Monroe County, Mississippi. He died in Monroe, Leflore County, Oklahoma June 13, 1915. Dellila was born March 7, 1849. This couple was married in Mississippi in 1870. The first eleven children were born in Mississippi and the last in the Indian Territory. This conflicts with the information that I have from Denise Gregory (Green August 4, 2001) BANDY, Rosie (I2057)
19 According to information in World Family Tree Pedigree 4052, Zana died of congestive chills. PUGH, Zana Ethel (I2002)
20 According to infroamtion provided by Sam Pickle et. al., Boad appears in the 1900 Census for the Choctaw Nation, IT as being born in June of 1880. His date of birth was determined to be in 1878 from information given on his tomb. His date of death is given on the tomb as December 11, 1926 and he is said have been 48 at the time of his death. PICKLE, Boda (I2063)
21 According to infromation in an letter from Ruby Irvin (Undated), Molly married a Henry J. Pickle (Green, 7/21/2004) MORROW, Mary E. "Molly" (I2558)
22 According to James Irvin Dean (E-mail 8/7/2000), Alice died from the bite of a rattlesnake. This is also confirmed by Sue Gray (Rigdon Irvin, The Hertiage of Marion County, Alabama). IRVIN, Alice Lenore (I1751)
23 According to Janie Cagle( George Washington Pickle Family Group Sheet provided by Janie Cagle 10/8/2001) , George W. Pickle is reported to be buried in the County Line Cemetery, Dossville, Leake County, Mississippi. It is her contention that the George Washington Pickle buried there is the son of John "Jack" Pickle. The dates of this George match better with what is known of John Pickle's son than with the son of Jacob Lewis Pickle (Green 3/23/2002) PICKLE, George Washington (I1642)
24 According to Kathy Wilcox, Thomas never married (Kathy Wilcox Collection FGS prepared by James N. Pickle). PICKLE, Thomas Wesley (I2355)
25 According to Larry Mobley (E-mail 1/2/2001), his father had told him that that were two Blaylock lines in Hartford County, Arkansas. He did not believe that the lines were related. He thought that William's line came from Itawamba County, Mississippi. (Green 2/28/2002) BLAYLOCK, William H. (I2073)
26 According to Marlene Lawley (E-mail 7/07/2001), T.B and C.B. were born twenty minutes apart with T.B. being the first born. In 1916, T.B. came home from the fileds with the "fever". Brother C.B. came home twenty minutes later with the fever. The next day T.B. died and was followed twenty minutes later by brother C.B. BURNETT, T.B. (I2405)
27 According to Myrtice Ray, Clarence and Della moved to Pratt City, Jefferson County, Alabama. YOUNG, Clarence (I1687)
28 According to Myrtice Ray, John Wesley was known as Hub for Hubbert. PICKLE, John Wesley (I2568)
29 According to Myrtice Ray, Viola is buried at the Lockhart Cemetery in Gattmann, however, I have not located the grave. I have another source that says she was buried at Pickle cemtery. My inventory does not show her grave. This needs to be looked into to. COX, Lula Viola (I1681)
30 According to one source, Jacob lived in Tennessee in 1810. He also appears in the 1830 Marion County (present day Fayette), Alabama census. He purchased land in 1838 in Monroe County, Mississippi and appears in the 1840 Monroe County Census. He purchased land in Attala County, Mississippi and apparently lived out his life there. PICKLE, Jacob (I1568)
31 According to Sam Pickle, a grandson of Sam Pickle, Sam was the son of Hulda and possibly Benjamin Woodson. For what ever reason, this couple was never married. Sam was raised in the house of his grandparents Wes and Rachel Pickle. In the 1900 Indian Territory Census he is living in this house and is listed as a grandson. When he applied for social security in 1947 he listed Wes and Rachel as his parents. His children always referred to Hulda as Aunt Hulda. (E-mails from Sam Pickle October 1999 February 14, 2000, and June 27, 2000) PICKLE, Sam (I2219)
32 According to Sarah Francis Woodard, John T. Pickle and his wife died intestate and childless. This John T. Pickle was a sibling of Robert Pickle, son of James Pickle.

There is a John T. Pickle and Martha J. Pickle buried at the New River Primitive Baptist Church cemetery. According to the tombstone inscription John was born September 1, 1848. There is no recored date of death for John. Martha's inscription indicates that she was born December 26, 1846 and died March 6, 1925. 
PICKEL, John T. (I1628)
33 According to the 1880 Monroe County Census, Ora was born in 1870. PICKLE, Ora Victoria (I2094)
34 According to the Wimberly Home Page ( Thomas married a Utley and a Mattie Ellen Watson second. The date of marriage, which is unclear, is about 1901. WIMBERLY, Thomas Robert (I2175)
35 According to William Linley, this is his grandfather (E-mail 4/3/2000). GREEN, James Alfred (I2167)
36 Accoridng to Keith Pickle, Altos was killed in a Birmingham stell mill in 1920 (E-mail 5/17/2001). PICKLE, Altus O. (I1802)
37 Accoring to information in World Family Tree Pedigree 4545 Vol 3 Luke Pickle, Virgil was killed in the invasion of Sicily. PICKLE, Virgil Parham (I2322)
38 After reading more inforamtion provided by Elenore Cochran in her letter of July 1998, I beleive that the Stuckey family was living in or around the Detroit, Lamar County, Alabama area at the time of the marriage of John to Francis. STUCKEY, Francis Lecrita "Crease" (I1885)
39 Aillian Fidelia Sally Lucrinda "Delia" Lochridge was probably the daughter or most likely the granddaughter of John L. Lochridge. Her name appears along with her husband, Rigdon Elihu Pickle, on a Marion County, Alabama Probate Court document pertaining to the selling of the estate of John L. Lochridge. Other names appearing in the record is Jasper Lochridge, Elimira and Fayette Kennedy, P.D. Lochridge, Mary F. Lochridge, and John L. Lochridge.

In the 1850 Marion County Census, John L. Lochridge appears as a farmer with a net worth of 1800 dollars. The following is a census ledger for the John L Lochridge family.
John L. Lochridge 37 ( 1813) GA
Scena 31 ( 1819) TN
Lafayette 10 ( 1840) AL
Jasper 7 ( 1843) AL
Thomas W. 80 ( 1770) SC
Sussannah 79 ( 1771) SC

Martha E. (June 27, 1835 - October 19, 1906) the wife of Lafayette Lochridge is buried at Wesleys Chapel Cemetery in Detroit, Alabama. 
LOCHRIDGE, Aillian Fidelia Sally Lucrinda "Delia" (I1847)
40 Alfred is thought to have died unmarried. He appears in the 1880 Monroe County, Mississippi census as a 16 year old son of Alfred Pickle living in the house with his parents. PICKLE, Alfred Francis (I1774)
41 Andrew and second wife Jemima was enumerated in the 1920 Census of Fayette County, Alabama (Gilpin, ED#14). MCGEHEE, Stanford Emery (I2553)
42 Annetta appears in the 1870 Monroe County Census as Annintia, age 2. PICKLE, Armetta R (I1655)
43 Another source has this person named Lucy. I cannot remember the source. The name written for Robert's wife in the 1860 Census appears to be Lesey. Upon closer examination this written name could be interpreted as Lucy (1860 Fayette County, Alabama Census, Eastern District, Page 32/376). The key to this is to find this couple in 1870 (Green 7/31/2002) WIMBERLY, Sarah (I1896)
44 Another spelling for his name is Marcellus. WEATHERFORD, Marcellious (I2069)
45 Apparently Phelen hand pickkled the Ausborn (possibly Osburn) husband. He told her than she would marry Ausborn. After Ausborn died, Phelen was already in the market for a new son-in-law when Sarah married Watts ( Sharon Maloney E-mail 7/3/2001) PICKLE, Sarah Catherine "Dolly" (I2390)
46 Arron was a schoolteacher. DILL, Aaron Wesley (I1795)
47 At this time it has not been confirmed that Elizabeth parents are William Ritter and Mary Black. There is a record of a William T. Ritter, son of Everett Ritter and Jane Young marrying Elizabeth M. Black on July 29, 1856. This could be the actual parents. RITTER, Elizabeth (I1719)
48 ATHENS --Services for James "Jim" Horace Stafford, 67, Athens, are scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday in Athens First Baptist Church with the Revs. James Bond and Herbert Usry officiating.

Burial will be in Stafford-Tucker Cemetery in Anderson County under direction of Foster & Brown Funeral Home of Athens.

Mr. Stafford died Tuesday in a Dallas hospital, following a long illness.

He was born Jan. 25, 1921, in Anderson County. He was a graduate of Athens High School, attended Sam Houston State University in Huntsville where he received bachelor's and master's degrees in agriculture. He was a veteran of World War II, serving as a member of 452 bomb group. He is a former agriculture school teacher.

Mr. Stafford was involved in agriculture commodity trading and cattle ranching. He was the owner of Rockbrook Ranch, located 18 miles south of Athens in Anderson County.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Mamie Stafford, Athens; one daughter, Sondra Jones, Cedar Hill; daughter and son-in-law, Sherry and Jim Hair, Richardson; one brother, Charles Stafford. Athens; and four grandchildren.

Pallbearers will be Carl Conrad, Dwayne Conrad, Tim Conrad, James Grisham, Kelly Grisham and Ed Pope. 
STAFFORD, James Horace (I4994)
49 Based on information from Ruby Irvin (Undated letter), Henry may have married Mary E. "Molly" Morrow. Molly was the daughter of John L. Morrow (Green, 7/21/2004). PICKLE, Henry J. Jr. (I2091)
50 Bayless is thought to be a son of John Ritter. RITTER, Bayless (I1877)

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