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Green Pickup


This site is dedicated to my ancestors and to all of their descendants. While my father was a Pickle (Pickel*) and my mother a Bartlett, we're all part of many other families. Through family research I've met many "cousins" with whom I've shared information.

Pickle, Pickel, Pickell: William Pickle, 1776-1866, Anderson Co., South Carolina

Bartlett: Nicholas Bartlett, b. 1642, Normandy (France); d. c. 1690, Kent Co. Maryland

Brown: Francis Marion Brown, b. 1833, St. Clair Co. Alabama, d. 1900, Henderson Co. Texas

Broyles: Johannes (Breyel/Breuel) , b. 1679, Dußlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany , d. 1733, Spotsylvania, Virginia

Anderson: Capt. John Anderson, b. 1732, Glasgow, Scotland, d. 1781, Camden, Kershaw County, South Carolina

Holland: Henry Holland, b. 1686, New Kent County, Virginia , d. 1753, New Kent County, Virginia

Ingram: David Ingram, b. 1765 Ireland, d. 1828, Wilkinson County, Georgia

It is my hope that this web site and it's associated pages and links will be a source of edification, clarification and pleasure to all who visit. Come often; participate, learn, share your knowledge, challange my data and meet long-lost cousins.

This website contains two sections:

1. The genealogical data base containing what we know about my ancestors and their descendants.

2. The BLOG which allows you to read messages about our ancestors and to enter your own thoughts or information.

Some family members have sent photos of contemporary events involving themselves and their families. While not always appropriate to add them to the actual genealogy data, there was no place to put them for everyone to enjoy. With the launch of this "blog" associated with GreenPickup, I hope we now have a place to describe current family activities and share photos. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions… So hop in the back of the pickup and let's go!